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In life, we often experience love in many different forms, but one connection that transcends all boundaries, obstacles, and is unconditional is a Mother’s Love. In this heartfelt anthology compiled by Master Global Writing and Publishing Genius, Rhonda Watts-Robinson, M.Div., she, along with four coauthors, gives you a glimpse into the transformative journey that has shaped the bond of unbreakable love orchestrated for their children and legacy. Oftentimes, we take for granted those near and dear to us, never truly expressing the love, admiration, and gratitude we hold for them within our heart. "Letters to My Legacy" is a reminder to all who read the pages of this heartfelt book that priceless love is truly the epitome of true happiness and joy. All those who read the words within this book will not only be transformed, but also reminded of what is truly valuable in life; the unbreakable bond and love of a mother's love. "Letters to My Legacy" is for mothers, grandmothers, and families who desire to witness the God ordained love between a mother and her children. It can be a priceless gift from a mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt, or mother figure to their child as a reminder and encouragement of how much they are cherished and loved. This anthology is also meant for anyone looking to impart priceless words of wisdom and impactful life lessons onto their children, grandchildren, family member, and legacy.

Letters to My Legacy Volume 1: Letters of Love From a Mother's Heart

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